Monday, February 24, 2014

Brazilian keratin treatment - Whats the deal?

First let me explain a keratin treatment. A keratin treatment first and foremost eliminates about 95% of frizz in your hair. It is not a straightening system, although it does straighten your hair somewhat. If your mainly getting this does because you want straight hair then you will be very disappointed. Keratin treatments are mainly used to make your hair more manageable if you have very frizzy and or frizzy and curly hair. The system is designed to last up to 12 weeks. What does that mean? Keratin washes out over time just like semi- permanent hair color. The more you wash your hair, the faster the keratin will wash out. So depending on how often you wash your hair is how long your keratin treatment will last. You will need a keratin shampoo that will help keep the keratin in your hair as long as possible, and yes it does cost a little more money than regular shampoo, but it is well worth it, especially if your going to invest in a keratin treatment. Is it worth the money? HELL YEAH!! If you have curly frizzy or just frizzy hair then you know what I'm talking about. Before I started thinning I had that kind of hair and I hated it. I can only imagine what a pain in the ass that must be when your hair is very long.. And being a hairdresser for 20 years I know exactly what its like. Now getting back to the money. Depending on where you get it done the price will vary, also depending on the length of your hair. In my salon the cost is $300 and I include the shampoo and conditioner at no additional charge. Now all bullshit aside. Getting back to the money. If this is something that is within your budget then it is well worth the money, but if your just getting by financially then you might want to just invest in a really good flat iron, and a really good straightening product. I hope this helped you guys and girls out. Till next time this is Styling with Sal, owner of

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