Friday, February 21, 2014

Should men color their hair?

This debate could go on a very long time depending on who you ask. I would like to give my opinion as a 20 year professional in the hair industry. If you look at this from a job/career stand point, there may be an advantage to a guy coloring his hair. For instance you may need to look younger to get ahead at work. If your work is related to or is geared to the younger generation. On the other hand grey hair may be an advantage to you in the work place if wisdom and years of experience is the key to what is going to get you ahead in the company. Now from a dating aspect, you will find most women(and assuming your not going to date really young women) do prefer men going grey naturally. they find it sexy, a sign of maturity which women love, and makes them feel less self conscious. Now don't get me wrong , some women do like pretty boys but again I'm talking the majority here. Women have insecurity and image issues just like we do, we don't need to add to them by coming off like its a bad thing to age. Lets face it, it seems to be a double standard when it comes to men and women coloring their hair. We go grey and we are distinguished and mature, women go grey and its a sign of old age and they are accused of letting themselves go. So guys whatever you choose confidence comes from within.....not within a bottle or tube of color.. Till next time stay tuned for more great tips and insights from Sal over at

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